Walk Schedule

We have a schedule for the long walk north.

Below are some dates with towns and details of what we are doing. Should you wish to appear or have contacts that want to be involved in events on these days, then please do let us know. Note: the timings when the team arrive into locations are estimates.

Sunday 28th July    Stand up Soldier show and presentation. 1830

Monday 29th July  Big depart Windsor Castle. Short Walk from 0745

Monday 29th July    arrive at Bletchley Park. 1830

Tuesday 30th July    depart Bletchley Park 0600

Tuesday 30th July    arrive in Coleshill at the Social Club 1900

Tuesday 30th July    Stand up Soldier comedy show and presentation.

Wednesday 31st July    depart Coleshill 0600

Wednesday 31st July    arrive in Derby 1900

Wednesday 31st July    Stand up Soldier comedy show and presentation.

Thursday 1st August    depart Derby 0600

Thursday 1st August    arrive at Doncaster Racecourse 1900

Friday 2nd August    depart Doncaster 0600

Friday 2nd August    arrive in York 1830

Saturday 3rd August    depart York 0600

Saturday 3rd August    arrive Catterick 1830

Sunday 4th August    depart Catterick 0600

Sunday 4th August    arrive in Sunderland 1830

Monday 5th August    depart Sunderland 0600

Monday 5th August    arrive in Otterburn 1830

Tuesday 6th August    depart Otterburn 0600

Tuesday 6th August    arrive in Kelso 1830

Wednesday 7th August  arrive Edinburgh Castle 1530