2018 British Army Photographic Competition: Amateur Category Sport/Adventure Training

Amateur Category Sport/Adventure Training: Lance Corporal of Horse Adam Blackmore-Heal

On 17th October, I attended the 2018 British Army Photographic Competition Awards at the Imperial War Museum, where I was given first place for the Amateur Sport/Adventurous Training category. The photo (below) is of the Household Cavalry’s Riding Master (Maj Richard Chambers) jumping over a picnic bench with the new commanding officer (left – Lt. Col. Paddy Williams MC) and the outgoing commanding officer (right – Lt. Col. James Gaselee). This was taken on the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment’s annual Open Day, during the Riding Staff’s activities display.

Making an entranc

The voting for the winners came from the public after voting opened on the Mail on Sunday’s site. It was a great honour to receive first place in this category, and certainly one of my proudest moments during my time as the regiment’s photographer.

I also had a photo shortlisted to be entered into the online vote, though I didn’t win this category, it was still fantastic to have it selected to be placed with other brilliant photographs.

There is also a video of the jump that became Adam’s winning shot. Take a look below.

The Riding Master's leap of faith.

Thank you to everyone who came along, and supported, our Open Day. Despite the heat, it was great to see a tremendous turn-out. As a little thank you, enjoy this 360 degree video of the Riding Master, Maj. Chambers, jumping over Lt.Col. Williams & Lt.Col. Gaselee.Don't forget to scroll, and look around, as it is a 360 video.#TrustedGuardians #ThatWasACloseOne

Geplaatst door The Household Cavalry op Maandag 16 juli 2018