We’ve been busy…and we’ve been planning!

Since the last post, Jason has been away in the Alps taking part in an expedition, and the guys have been able to get together to identify some key miles stones, risks to the project along with how to mitigate them and actions to be completed to accomplish our goal…in other words, planning!

Some key events:

  • Sept ’18 – Ex Griz – first training weekend down south walking 38 miles to get the feel for the task ahead.
  • Oct ’18 – Rob & Semps take part in a navigation exercise
  • Nov ’18 – Ex Jolly Wander – second training weekend, this time up north
  • Feb ’19 – Walk to National Arboretum
  • Apr ’19 – Route recce the route on bicycle whilst others complete training on foot
  • May ’19 – Team competes in Half Marathon
  • July ‘ 19 – Castle Trek

In amongst these activities, there will be plenty of engagement with those providing support as well as the guys holding down their regular obligations to work and their families. Summer is a busy time for the HCav, excluding any state visits, there is plenty going on this year with The Royal Wedding, as well as the Trooping the Colour and the 100th Anniversary of WW1.