Team! Assemble!

We all blame Martin. He was the one who thought it would be a good idea to walk an average of 38 miles a day for 10 days. Maybe deep down the rest of us think its a good idea too, though it’s going to hurt. But that is next year.

For now, we are in the early stages of our project with the team of lead by Semps and followed by Rob, Lee, Pez and Arch. We are a mix of serving soldiers, ex-serving soldiers and bagpipers.

Meet the Team

We know what it’s like to receive help and support from outside your normal network of friends and know what a difference it can make. We wanted to give something back and help our pals in the process.

One this site and this blog you will be able to follow our progress towards the goal of walking on the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle. There are many days and many more than the estimated 380 miles between now and that point and we plan on taking you along on the journey, sharing our highs and lows as we plan for, train for and execute our challenge.

That will do for now.