Welcome to our little world. We are a small team of enthusiastic guys who carried two sets of bagpipes on a long walk from Windsor Castle to Edinburgh Castle to raise funds for the Household Cavalry Foundation and Royal British Legion

We completed our planned walk on 07 August 2019.

We are a team of serving, ex-serving and civilians that raised money for The Royal British Legion and The Household Cavalry Foundation because we all have an emotional and personal connection with people that have been injured physically and mentally from serving in the Armed Forces.

There are many soldiers, veterans and families that need the support of these fantastic charities which is why we want to challenge ourselves with the arduous project to raise awareness and vital funds.

Over the course of our project in 2019, we raised nearly £25,000!

Route Plan – Timings and Map

The format of any given day will be an early start by half of the walkers forming Team Alpha. At the halfway point, they pass the bagpipes over to Team Bravo who walk to the finish of that day. On Day 2, a Team Charlie will form to pick up the third leg and ensure there is time for the walkers to rest up.    

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 We few, we happy few…

A small team of serving soldiers, ex-serving soldiers and civilians will depart from Windsor Castle on 29th July and walk to Edinburgh Castle, arriving 7th August 2019, to raise money for the Household Cavalry Foundation and Royal British Legion.

This Band of Brothers is made up of serving members of the British Army and civilians, they will tackle the 480-mile trip together over ten days.

If you want to know more about the guys undertaking this gruelling long march north, then continue reading below, as we asked them to tell us more.

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